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Game On Revolution is a gaming website for gamers by gamers. Our team loves video games as much as you do, and we work hard to ensure that you have the gaming information you need and want.

Meet the Revolution Team was started by a pair of gaming journalists who became frustrated with how external marketing controlled the narrative at the major online gaming websites. When you have suits making the decisions about game journalism, the end result is never the best thing for gamers. We have a unique voice, and as our approach gained popularity, we we’re able to extend our team beyond just two guys. We now have a big group of gals and lads with a diverse range of industry experience.

Keeping Your Current on the Latest in Gaming

Our core focus is to keep you abreast of the latest in gaming. We break a lot of stories, and when another site beats us to the punch, we’re not afraid to link you to them rather than just present a rewrite with a clickbait headline. Our network of industry contacts is extensive, and we have journalists present at the biggest gaming events of the year, including E3 and PAX.

Reviews with Thought and Bite

Our approach to reviewing games is something that we’re really proud of. We never publish a review until we’ve played a game extensively. Our team puts a lot of thought and care into these assignments, and we’ll often release multiple reviews of the same game in order to provide contrasting opinions. It doesn’t always work at that way, but it’s fantastic when it does.

Daily Blogs and Editorials

We give our writers a lot of freedom to write about what matters to them and what has their interest right now. In addition to game and game product previews and reviews, that includes lookbacks, WTF is, game experience diaries, editorials on the state of the industry and so much more.

The Revolution Podcast

Our Game On Revolution podcast has also been a great success. It’s basically our very own radio program dedicated to all things video games. We have regular hosts as well as some guest appearances each week, and we’ll discuss the most popular games, the biggest bombas and the hottest stories in the gaming industry.

The Revolution Live Stream

Live streaming is now a regular thing every Friday and Saturday. It’s a great chance to play new games as well as some old classics. These live streams are all about reacting to the audience, and you can never be quite sure where the fans are going to take us. You can always be sure that there are going be some great giveaways and other surprises.

Join Us also has a strong social media presence. You can check out our Facebook page or subscribe to our Twitter feed, which we use to break news as well as announce new content. Our Revolution forums is also a great place to meet other gamers and shoot the breeze.